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5 Key Transportation Links That Will Revolutionise The Way Malaysians Travel

Ho Chin Soon presented a much-anticipated update on the status of Malaysia’s 5 proposed groundbreaking transportation links

Malaysia’s leading authority on property research, Ho Chin Soon presented a much-anticipated update on the status of Malaysia’s 5 proposed groundbreaking transportation links.

At the recent Wealth Mastery property investment convention, Ho Chin – Chairman of Ho Chin Soon Research Sdn Bhd shared some updates on the ongoing infrastructure developments in the country.

His comprehensive updates covered the following:

  1. Kuala Lumpur to Singapore High Speed Rail Link Stations 1-8 (Sungei Besi to Jurong Country Club)
  2. Rapid Transit Systems – Woodlands to Bukit Chagar
  3. 3rd Link to Singapore possibly via Changi (Pasir Ris)
  4. LRT Line 3 and MRT Line 2 (Sungai Buloh – Serdang – Putrajaya) ( SSP)
  5. MRT Circle Line

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore High Speed Rail Link Stations 1-8 (Sungei Besi to Jurong Country Club)


Ho started with the Kuala Lumpur to Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) link by presenting its 8 stations and their respective catchment populations as detailed below:


  1. Sungei Besi – Greater Kuala Lumpur 800,000
  2. Putrajaya
  3. Seremban 500,000
  4. Air Keroh 600,000
  5. Muar – Pagoh 300,000
  6. Batu Pahat – Kluang (Air Itam) 700,000
  7. Gerbang – Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia 1,800,000
  8. Singapore 5,500,000


He then briefly elaborated on each station, drawing attention to its possible site and potential. He began with station 1 – Sungei Besi. He commented on its proximity to the Golden Triangle and considered Taman Desa as a likely site given the southern direction of the line.

Next he shared his views on Station 2 – Putrajaya. He named Cyberjaya as the biggest beneficiary and highlighted the need for townships in Cyberjaya to provide a feeder bus services to the station. He also reminded the audience that the existing ERL service stops at Putrajaya Central Station.

He then proceeded to elaborate on Station 3 – Seremban. Ho said that Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Utama Haji Mohamad Hassan had announced that Labu would the site for the station. Ho highlighted Matrix Concepts Bandar Sri Sendayan’s obvious advantage given the location of the station. He also raised the fact that thousands of people who currently live in Seremban and work in Kuala Lumpur will experience a shorter daily commute with the HSR.

Station 4 – Air Keroh was his next focus. He shared that with the HSR, the 2 hour journey between KL and Air Keroh would reduced to a mere 45 minutes, probably longer than it takes most KLites to travel within the city given its traffic jams. Ho described this station as a game changer as it will facilitate an increase in social and economic activity between the Kuala Lumpur and Melaka.

In reference to Station 5 – Muar – Pagoh and Station 6 – Batu Pahat Kluang. The potential to capture the population of all 4 towns becomes more viable. Genting Group which has over 10,000 acres in Batu Pahat is enjoying the success of its Pura Kencana Project.

Station 7, he said served as a gateway to Malaysia. He named UEM Sunrise and Kuala Lumpur Kepong, which have on going developments in the area. He also highlighted the strategic location of Peter Lim’s Motorsports City in relation to the station.

As for the last station, Station 8 – Singapore, Ho was very confident that the site of the station would be at the present Jurong Country Club (JCC). He substantiated this by referring to the announcement made by the Prime Ministers of Malaysia and Singapore to this effect early this year and he said that the acquisition of JCC private owned land has been concluded.

Ho also took time to allay fears of the plans of HSR of being changed or shelved should there be a change in leadership. He clarified that the agreement was between governments and would be honoured regardless of which political party or leader was in power.

2. Rapid Transit System – Woodlands to Bukit Chagar
Ho then drew attention the Rapid Transit System (RTS) linking Woodlands in Singapore to Bukit Chagar in Johor. He described this link as a game changer for Iskandar as it positions Iskandar as an extension of Singapore, going as far as referring to Johor as the 29th district of Singapore.

The official announcement of the station is expected to happen early next year. However Ho in reference to protests by residents of Kim Teng Park is certain that it will be the station in Johor. He also drew attention to the land reclamation work that has begun in the area. He elaborated that the line will also provide connectivity to the East Coast of Singapore via a link between Woodlands and the Thomson lines in Singapore. The announcement of the new Thomson line, which will run along the East Coast Park of Singapore and cover 9 stations has been made.

3. 3rd Link to Singapore possibly via Changi (Pasir Ris)
Ho briefly raised the third item on the agenda, the 3rd link to Singapore. He referred to a news report published on 22nd March 2015 in a local newspaper, which stated that Changi close to the Pasir Ris area was identified as the possible site for the link in Singapore.


4. LRT Line 3 and MRT Line 2 (SSP)
Ho assured that the LRT Line 3 and MRT Line 2, are progressing as planned. The alignment of the lines were made public beginning May. He highlighted that the environmental impact for both lines have been completed. He also reminded audience that a book on the stations between Sungei Buloh and Serdang is now available for sale.

MRT Circle Line
The MRT Circle line, which he says will integrate all lines and services within Greater Kuala Lumpur, a mega city of 1 million. However there is a possibility of changes in the plans.

DISCLAIMER: The opinion stated in the article is solely of Ho Chin Soon and are not in any form an endorsement or recommendation by iProperty.com. Readers are encouraged to seek independent advice prior to making any investments.