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5 Locations for Overseas Property Investment


Here we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most alluring overseas investment property locations out there.

1. Franschhoek, South Africa – Sweeping vineyards, stunning mountainous scenery, incredible wine, gourmet food, an enviable climate and all just under an hour away from Cape Town and Stellenbosch – Franschhoek is the perfect location for overseas property investment. Popular with tourists inside and outside of South Africa, Franschhoek homes are a very sound property investment with huge potential.

2. Barbados – Enduringly popular, for good reason! With a good business mind and a bargain-hunting spirit you could make an excellent overseas property investment in Barbados, the trick is knowing where to look. Gorgeous beaches, a relaxed culture and gorgeous scenery – Barbados will continue to be prime overseas property investment territory for many years to come.

3. Florida, USA – The property market in Florida is on the move. Properties are steadily accumulating in value but are still available at extremely tempting prices. You’ll get an awful lot of property for your money, despite the rising prices. A detached family property with a private pool, as of April 2011, will set you back a mere £170,000.

4. Malta – Notoriously Brit-friendly, Malta is a hot spot for overseas property investment these days. With tonnes of exciting new developments and very reasonable property taxation indeed. In fact, in terms of property taxation, Malta is one of the best European destinations for low rates. This makes investment on the island extremely tempting and potentially highly profitable. Crammed with fascinating history, stunning scenery and excellent weather throughout spring and summer, Malta is an excellent European property investment.

5. Tuscany, Italy – Classically popular holiday destinations are always a sure fire hit when you’re looking for overseas property investment. Italy is of course a reasonably pricey country for tourism but it has incredible infrastructure in place which make it an extremely enticing prospect for property investors. The variety and beauty of this area of Italy are well known. From rolling hills to beautiful coastlines, picturesque, historic cities and even skiing – Tuscany and Umbria are very tempting prospects.

So wherever you’re looking to invest, the time to do it is now. Put your money where it can flourish and enjoy all of the benefits of a stunning overseas property at the same time.

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