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5 Stylish Ways to Banish Ugly Cords


Oh, technology.  It’s done so many great things for the workplace. We can get things done faster, we can communicate with clients across the world, and it’s even allowed me to bring you guys The Office Stylist! But there is one problem the digital age has given every office interior: cords. Absolutely nothing—I repeat, nothing—can ruin a stylish office more than cords. And why? There is absolutely no reason for ugly, rubber-coated cords to be laying out.

So that’s why I decided I needed to intervene on behalf of offices everywhere. There are so many options for hiding, disguising, or transforming the cords that give power to your work. Good cords should neither be seen nor heard, they should just fuel your devices. Here are some of my favorite ways to transform those pesky necessities:

1. That’s a Wrap
If you’re a trendy girl, there’s no reason that the cords in your office can’t be trendy too! And being the trendy girl that you are, you probably know that friendship bracelets are all the rage right now. Why not update your cords and knot them like a bracelet? This is a great option for a minimal office that doesn’t have much room to hide cords. Pick colors that match your décor for an unexpected touch. Recall those knots from childhood when you made friendship bracelets or boondoggle and wrap your cords with embroidery floss or boondoggle. It’s almost like camp, but for grown-ups. (If you’re feeling really crafty or have a TON of cords, check out this mega wrap from Design Sponge.)

2. Black Hole
This is one of the easiest, most effective office hacks I can teach you: hang a piece of black drop cloth behind the lower part of your desk to hide all your cords. No one will even suspect that this trompe l’oeil is masking one of the biggest eyesores in your office. But remember, a good office magician never reveals her secrets!

3. Think Inside the Box

It’s time to put those craft skills to work again. Some of the coolest options for cord storage are those that you make yourself. I love this repurposed breadbox, but you can take any box—a shoe box, hat box, cool vintage box—cut out some holes, string your gadgets through, and voila: instant organization!

4. Stick  It

Sometimes you have no choice but to leave your cords visible. When all else fails, use cable clips to keep cords in place and out of tangles. There are lots of whimsical options: binder clips, rubber molds, or even small pieces of patterned duct tape can make a huge impact.

5. Go wireless

If you seriously can’t stand the sight of one more cord, consider simply just ditching them. Try a solar charger for your phone or a wireless keyboard and mouse, and prepare yourself for a beautiful, minimal look to your desktop. I bet you even forgot that there was a workspace under all that mess!

Wires and cords, no matter how small, are always going to plague a creative work space. I hope you guys can use some of these tips to eliminate a major eyesore. We’re making the world more beautiful, one office at a time. Have you stumbled across any ways to hide or transform the cords in your space? Let me know in the comments!