Home Investment 5 Ways To Market Your Home Listing

5 Ways To Market Your Home Listing


When home owners decide that the time is right to sell off their properties, the course of listing can become overwhelming.

Using effective and efficient marketing techniques can mean a bigger difference between a prospective house buyer walking away or making an offer.

Leveraging on multiple marketing channels allows home listings to draw a larger group of potential property buyers.

1. Build a solid foundation with home staging

Home staging has proven to be effective to showcase the property. When a home is staged to its fullest potential, it can attract buyers with a sense of comfort and connect with space – picturing themselves with their friends and family enjoying in the home’s living space.

To achieve this goal, sellers must ensure the rooms are clean, free of clutter as well as free of personal items. It is best advised to paint the walls with neutral colours and oversized chunky furniture is removed to create a sense of spaciousness.

The remaining furniture is rearranged to create an order of natural flow, while window dressings, wall decoration and other details can help create the right blend of colours and texture to deliver a warm welcoming space.

2. Use professional photography to impact multimedia markets

When the link between property sellers and prospective buyers relies on photos, it should show the property at its best. Essentially all of the marketing material used to support a home sale relies on photos.

In order to bring out the positive impact on potential buyers, sellers should use the service of a professional photographer. Considering the cost, it makes financial sense as almost all buyers today browse through property listing websites – iProperty.com for example.

A quality professional photo not only creates a solid first impression but it also has a potential to draw in more views and hits to the property’s listing.

3. Tapping into technology to appeal to a large audience

In addition to the new technological features such as virtual tours, more and more real estate agents are also uploading their videos to social networking sites and other video hosting sites in an attempt to reach out to a wider audience.

4.Stage the exterior of the property

And of course, once a potential buyer is interested in the seller’s listings, they may want to see more of the property with their own eyes.

It is important that the property’s landscape is clear without tangled trees and unkempt bushes that can obstruct views, darken interiors, promote mould, as well as block a good view of the house. Crop and limb obstructive hedges as the overgrown landscape can be hurtful to a buyer’s purchasing decision.

Buyers often fantasize about enjoying in their backyard by entertaining and spending time outside.

5. Getting it real on pricing

Today’s buyers are very educated about the comparable sales in the area, thanks to the World Wide Web and the social media, and it can heavily influence the fair market value of one’s home.

To make listed properties more competitive, acquire a real estate agent to get the sales prices of three similar homes that have been sold in your area in the last month or so, and then try to go 10 to 15% below the value.

Homes that look like a great deal are the ones that get the most visits from buyers and on occasions they may also receive multiple offers!

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