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50 Shades Of Concrete


Once home owners have purchased a property, the next step is to focus on its interior. It is common for property buyers enhance their homes with an array of finishing including wallpaper, paint, glass, mirrors and marble. The problem arises when one is on a budget.

A cost effective solution is to finish your home with concrete. Of late, this mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement and water has not only helped home owners with keeping their budget in check but also give a calming and eco-friendly appearance to a home.

Adding to that, concrete is extremely versatile and can be matched with almost any material making it much easier with regards to matching with other furnishings when decorating.

The polished treatment applied onto this cement surface adds a sense of exclusivity to this semi-outdoor area. ID and photo by INNOFLOOR.

The trick to fashioning a more subtle appearance to concrete is to treat it. Some common ways of doing so would be to either to stain, polish or even engrave concrete for home or outdoor use as its original form may be a little too mundane for some.

For example, polymer-based staining using acrylics as well as epoxy can create a translucent look without disrupting the original look of concrete. When used on concrete, it works more like a transparent layer of protection that enhances the original unique appearance. This type of staining can be applied on interior flooring, walkways, pool decks, patios as well as driveways.

Treating concrete maintains its unique appearance yet keeping maintenance of the surface to a minimum. Photo by INNOFLOOR.

Polishing concrete involves grinding new or existing concrete floors mechanically to smoothen these surfaces. A sealant is also administered during the process for the concrete surface to achieve a glossy and uniform surface. This treatment method for concrete is durable, cost efficient, requires very little maintenance and can be administered within the interiors of a home and even commercial establishments. Aside that, it is also the cheapest way to turn a worn concrete surface into one that is visually appealing.

The next method is concrete staining, a treatment method that transforms concrete surfaces from drab to remarkable. Each outcome from the concrete staining process is unique as well as individual and home owners can rest assure that they have a masterpiece sprawled across their interior.

This concrete surface has been administered with both staining as well as engraving techniques, producing a unique look. Photo by INNOFLOOR.

A feature unique to the concrete staining process is that the raw material can be modified to replicate stone, marble and even wood surfaces by a using a method called texturing. Some home owners, instead or correcting the imperfections on their concrete surfaces, choose to highlight via staining, resulting in a surface that looks rustic.

To add more character to a treated concrete surface, home owners can opt to engrave. Concrete engraving is carried out to add aesthetic value to these surfaces by applying a wide range of designs, patterns and logos to add value and beauty to any home or establishment. Some popular patterns available via this process include, brick, flag stones, cobbles stones as well as tiling.