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6 Nifty Storage Ideas


Not a fan of wasted space? – Here are some ideas on how to utilize the nooks and crannies in your home.

Corner shelving

If you look properly around your home, you will discover plenty of corner space that is not being used to its full potential. Installing floating shelves will not only create extra storage space, it will also become a visually appealing spot for your little knick knacks and decorations.

Behind-the-door towel rods 

Do not forget about the tiny space behind your doors! It is perfect for hanging towels without taking up any of the space on your walls. This works especially well in tiny bathrooms. Be sure to install a door catcher, though, to prevent the rods from banging up against the wall.

Under bed storage

Using the space under your bed for storage is a nobrainer – but you could make getting to your things a little easier by making your very own rolling bed drawers. All you need to do is to secure wheel swivels to plastic storage bins using screws or hot glue. Just be sure to get plastic bins that are at least 2 inches shorter than the bottom of your bed frame.

Under-the-stairs conversion

Another great idea is to convert that space underneath your stairs into something useful like a mini closet, desk, or a reading nook. You could install some drawers and hooks to store backpacks, scarves, umbrellas, etc.

Wall storage

When it comes to small spaces, you cannot let any wall space go unused, especially in the bathroom where sometimes the only place to store towels is under the dirty sink. For a quick, easy, and lightweight shelf idea, consider using baskets instead of traditional shelving.

DIY slide-out cabinet

If you have any narrow spaces in your kitchen that are not being lived up to their full potential, consider a DIY pullout cabinet that will keep your kitchen essentials convenient without taking up much space. A rolling cabinet can easily store your supply of cans, jars, and spices.