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6 Principles to Make More Money


Milan Doshi’s talk on property investments mainly focuses on individuals who are currently working and needing the education of earning more. As for married couples, they get to learn on how to handle future financial planning in order to get prepared for their upcoming generations.

6 Principles to Make More Money

1. In order to Invest More, You Have to Learn More

Milan Doshi highlighted six principles to abide to on making more money. The first one is, in order to invest more, you have to learn more. He also emphasized that atleast 5% of one’s income should be used for knowledge purpose. It can be in the form of non-fiction books, self-help books and attending seminars. Learning more on sales, marketing, entreprenuership and investments will definitely help in the future.

2. Create a Network with Like-Minded People

Secondly, it is said to create a network with like-minded people. Meaning, you should mix around with people who are aiming to make more money even if your current status is low. Mixing around with people with higher positions in their career will help boost your mind set and strive for more success. Milan Doshi said that who you know matters more than what you know. These people will come in handy when you are making a move on property investments.

6 Principles to Make More Money 3

3. Earn As Fast As You Can

Thirdly, you must earn as fast as you can. This means you will have to take risks and have the ability to talk. At the end of the day, you will have unlimited income potential for investments. “When you are young, focus more on earning money. When you are old, focus more time on investments,” stated Milan Doshi. Learning, earning, investing and conserving is important.

4. Save As Much As You Can

Other than that, you must save as much as you can as well. Make sure that your expenses are always lower than your income. Even if your income increases, make sure the expenses remain the same. This will help in saving more money.

5. Borrow Money Intelligently

Next, you must also borrow money intelligently. Time and leverage is emphasized on in investing properties. Net worth is the difference between assets and liabilities.

6. Invest Wisely

Lastly, you must invest wisely. Keep an eye on properties and stock markets. This will affect your lifestyle because it depends on the rate of inflation that the country is facing.


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