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Build A House With Just Lego Bricks?


Have you ever heard that build a house by using the Lego bricks?

According to phnompenhpost.com, a social enterprise initiative from Hav Kongngy, a 31-year-old Cambodian as well as the founder and director of My Dream Home, spent a year in Australia working for an NGO, where he first saw the mud brick system being implemented as an inexpensive and eco-friendly brick housing.

Let us briefly explain what is “My Dream Home”. This project generates high-quality interlocking bricks to allow middle to low income families as well as the families from poverty in Cambodia to build their own homes. A brick prototype is not only eco-friendly but also 50% cheaper than a traditional bricks. Through a Lego-like syste

Here is the video that show you how an entrepreneur achieving his goals.

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