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Curtain Tips


WHEN it comes to selecting curtains for your home, making sure you find the right ones can be daunting. Thankfully, Malaysia’s very own Acacia Fine Fabrics, the largest premium furnishing fabric distributor in South East Asia, have you covered with tips to finding that right fabric and colour to spruce up your home this new year.

1 Selecting curtains

*Determine the type of pleats you want as these will determine the type of fabric to use. For example, there is the Singapore pleat (which is very dainty looking) and eyelet pleat (which is much more pronounced). With the former, it is advised to have a lighter fabric, whereas a heavier material can be used for the latter.

*Know the direction of the sun rays flowing into your home. If you are someone who likes natural light entering the room but it is too bright, you can look for dim out curtains that let in some light into the space.

*Be aware that some fabrics will shrink after wash, so listen to the professionals about the length of the curtain to purchase.

*If you have a narrow window, consider a curtain design with horizontal lines to give the feeling of a wider look, and a vertical lined design for a longer look.

*Colours are a personal thing and depends on a homeowner’s personality, so go with what makes you feel happy.

Curtains from Acacia Fine Fabrics (www.acaciafabrics.com).

2 Installation

*Have a professional come and inspect your home space. Sometimes, you might not be aware that the fabric you choose is not suitable for the space. For example, if you have plaster ceiling, some fabrics are too heavy and could damage the ceiling.

*When a homeowner has decided on a two rail system, where the inner rail might be for a sheer fabric that allows in light but provides privacy, and the outer rail for the more elaborate curtain, the rule of thumb for the space between the rails is between 1 and 1.5 inches. But this also depends on the type of pleating and fabric used.

Curtains from Acacia Fine Fabrics (www.acaciafabrics.com).

3 Maintenance

*Never fold the curtain like you would clothes. It will result in creases — not good when the curtain is hung for use.

*For very large curtains, if you have the space after washing, hang them on a long rail. However, not every household has a long rail, so another way to store them is to get long textile rolls and roll the curtain into it and store standing. This way, there will be no creases on the fabric.

*For small curtains, fold in big portions to minimise creases.

*ALWAYS read the care and wash instructions. Some fabrics are not to be sun-dried as it could harden the fabric or if the fabric is elastic in nature, the water content could make the fabric heavy — resulting in the lengthening of the fabric when hung to dry.

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Curtains from Acacia Fine Fabrics (www.acaciafabrics.com).

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