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Five Budget Decorating Tips for Your Bedroom


For most of us, our bedroom is a space for us to relax and leave the stress of the work world behind – or, in my case, hiding! We dream of calm and elegant surroundings – and our dream can be made a reality on a budget. Now wipe that skeptical look off your face! Let me show you how!

1. Bedding. If you want to decorate your bedroom on a budget, start with a neutral spread and bedskirt. Having neutral bedding will provide a foundation for more adventurous additions.

2. Pillows. Go wild with pillows and accessories. You can add color, shine, glitter, and class with small pillows. And they are inexpensive! Visit the remnant bin at your local fabric store. Find some luxurious fabrics to make very elegant pillows.

3. Accessories. Use your creativity to make gorgeous accessories. For instance, an old covered pressed or cut glass butter dish (the rectangular kind) can make a wonderful candle holder. Just take all of your old half used candles and melt them in an old saucepan. Pour the wax into the top of the butter dish turned upside down. Add wicks and let the wax cool. Use the bottom of the dish as the new lid. It’s so pretty. You can also add tall slim candles to vintage vinegar cruets for an elegant display on a bedside table or dresser.

4. Bench. If you can’t afford a bench at the foot of your bed, use an inexpensive garden bench or paint an old coffee table and add a cushion to the top. Pr if you would rather have seating and don’t have occasional chairs for the space, try using dining room chairs with reupholstered seats.

5. Wall Art. Scour thrift shops and yard sales for mirrors large and small. Paint them all white or black. Group together on the wall to add pizzazz to the wall.

And I couldn’t leave you without one additional tip:

6. Headboard. Group those same mirrors together above the bed to give the impression of a headboard.

Or cut two pieces of heavy cardboard or foam core the height and width of a poster. Then frame each board with a poster sized black frame. Mount the two frames over the bed for an elegant headboard.

A little creativity will help you turn your plain bedroom into that dream retreat you want. Then even a skeptic like you relax!