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Home security is something applicable to us all and it involves safety and security hardware in place on a property as well as personal security practices. The hardware involves locks, doors, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors and camera systems installed in your property.

However before home security can take place, one must practice personal security to ensure that doors are locked, alarms activated, windows closed and other routine tasks to prevent burglary.


Install systems that have loud sirens that is capable of alerting you and your neighbours should there be an intrusion to your home.


Home closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) can include surveillance systems that can be hooked up to your television, computer or even your smartphone. A peep hole in the door can help you control and see who is on your property without peering through the window and exposing yourself.


Use a solid door and install a durable lock. Do not advertise valuables.


Cut back trees and shrubbery – these could provide cover for thieves. Movement sensor lights expose anyone entering your property at night.


A fence or wall that is too low will o er no security advantage while one that’s too high can be claustrophobic. Ensure that the fence or walls are not easy to climb. If the fence or wall has an entry point, install a lockable gate.


-Use locks on doors and windows.

-Ensure that your security systems are working.

-Be cautious to who you lend your keys to, as keys can be duplicated.

-Don’t leave spare keys outside your house. Instead, keep it with a neighbour for emergency purposes.

-Don’t publicise your absence on the social media.

-Don’t advertise valuables – destroy or tear up packaging for new equipment or gear before throwing them into the bin.

-Take a look at your house from the outside and put yourself in the shoes of a thief – what can you see that you’d like to steal?

-Don’t let your newspapers pile up in your letterbox or the front of the house while you’re on holiday.

-Have a neighbour or a friend to collect it for you while you’re away.

-Store valuables such as money and jewellery in a locked safe.

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