Home Tips Home Staging Tips: How to Give Your Foyer A Facelift

Home Staging Tips: How to Give Your Foyer A Facelift


1. Buyers can’t Forget a Welcoming Foyer

Your foyer is the first area a buyer sees when they enter your home. Similar to curb appeal you want to ensure it greets them in the right light. Homeowners, often try out all sorts of different ways to grab the attention of potential buyers. First Impressions should set the scene for the rest of your home and make the buyer want to see what other rooms are beyond. The first interaction point with a potential buyer is your foyer shouldn’t be ignored when putting your home on the market.

2. Foyer Flooring Can Make or Break First Impressions

Making The Flooring Count

A tattered doormat while home staging the foyer won’t make a good first impression. Replace with a new doormat and ensure your home’s flooring is clean and free of debris. Carpeting, tile and resilient flooring should be clean but also updated. If your flooring is outdated, consider replacing. An area throw rug can also bring color to your foyer while adding a soft material underfoot in the foyer.

3. hoose Appealing Foyer Furniture & Lighting

Choose Inviting Foyer Furniture

Choosing furnishings for your foyer will create an instant sense of home as buyers enter your home. A bench tucked away neatly in a foyer is very welcoming. A bench, is especially suitable for narrow foyers. Foyers with generous space can make use of nice accent chairs. You can couple these up with a little side table and exhibit some magazines there. Storage and display area is important.

4. Use Artwork and Decor to Attract Homebuyers

Let Artwork be a Compliment and not a Distraction

Artwork can make or break up the deal. Vast expanses of vacant wall space can become very boring. Try to incorporate artwork that complements your wall color. For instance, a beige wall can look stunning with artwork exhibiting bold strokes of red and navy, while artwork that is too brash or distracting could take away from the appeal of the rest of the home.