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How To Create Good Feng Shui in Your Home


17 Feng Shui Steps To A Harmonious Home

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2Clear Your Clutter for Good Feng Shui

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3Get Good Quality Air and Light

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4Define Your Energy Map

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3. Define the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your house, by using one of the two main feng shui methods – the classical school bagua or the BTB grid. Once you define the bagua, you will know which areas of your home are connected to specific areas of your life. For example, in traditional feng shui, the Southeast feng shui area of your home is connected to the flow of money energy in your life.​

5Get the Basics of 5 Feng Shui Elements

The theory of five feng shui elements is one of the main concepts in the ancient art of feng shui. The five feng shui elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. These feng shui elements interact in many ways, such as productive and destructive cycles. Photo Credit: (c) Rodika Tchi

6Find Out Your Feng Shui Birth Element

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7Find Out Your Kua Number and Your Lucky Directions

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8Always Be Mindful of the Quality of Energy in Your Home

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9Feng Shui Home Steps Summary

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