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Increasing Storage Spaces in Your Home


This is a very common scenario. When you move in to your new house, everything is just bare essentials, all very basic and neat. There seems to be plenty of space everywhere. However, after a few year, maybe after a few kids, you find that you’re running out of space to put all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years.

An alternative scenario could be that your small apartment just can’t hold all your necessities and things are piling up all over the place. The closet and cupboards are full and the whole house looks a mess. Well, despair no longer as here are some of the ways you can increase storage in your home:

• Compartments under your bed. Consider buying storage bins and trays that can fit under you bed and can be slid in and out easily. The space under your bed is also great for storing large luggage bags.

• Avoid plastic bins and trays. Consider buying canvas or wooden chests that can double as side tables or even coffee tables.

• Get a footstool or bench that has a hollow storage space in the middle. This will come in handy to store things like children’s toys and books. Not to mention they’re a colourful addition to your nursery room too.

• Built in cabinets and drawers into the walls of the kitchen and bedroom. That way, it will free up some space.

• Place some countertop racks in your kitchen to store dry condiments and fresh fruits in a layered manner.

• Install wall cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. Use all the vertical space available and don’t waste any. The topmost cabinets can be used to store seldom utilized belongings.

• Install hooks on the walls or buy a coatrack to hang up shawls, coats and towels so that they don’t clutter up the floor.

• In the kitchen, get a pot hanger that can allow you to hand all your pots and pans on the wall instead of letting them lie around
on the counters or take up valuable space in the cabinets.

• Don’t waste the space under your bathroom sink, install a stylish cabinet to store toiletries and cleaning equipment.

• If you have a work table or writing table, consider getting a roller office cabinet to store your files, stationery and other equipment.

Finding creative ways to increase the storage in your home can be a fun and fulfilling home decoration experience. On top of that, you get to reduce the clutter and free up more space for your children to run around and for you to move about. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!