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CHOOSING the right curtains for the house should not be done from the sample book. One must see the full display set to decide what suits their house.

This is the advice from Curtains Place founder and chief executive officer Jason Low, a company that specialises in curtains and window dressings, for customers who want the best curtains that will bring out a cosy and stylish vibe for their homes.

“One needs to visualise it by seeing the actual display set to know what suits the house best as some material comes with day and night effect.

“Bright sunlight and the warm light from the lamp may accentuate different tones of the curtains, giving a different effect to its environment.

“Although the sample books are convenient and offer a wide selection of materials, the look may be different if you were to see the fabric hung up,” he noted.

Curtains Place will be showcasing a range of curtains, window blinds and tassels at the Perfect Livin ‘15 home-and-lifestyle exhibition, to be held at Putra World Trade Centre starting tomorrow till Nov 15.

Low said there were several aspects to look into while choosing curtains.

“Deciding on the right curtain depends on the design of the house, the houseowner’s habits as well as the direction of the sun.

“We will have consultants at the exhibition booth to advise customers,” he said.

The company will also feature its new Joy series that consists of up to 30 pre-designed curtain sets using a minimum of three colours specially for the bedroom.

Customers can pick their preferred colours for the curtains made of polyester imported from Belgium.

“The material is easy to maintain and versatile enough to match any bedroom colour theme. Currently, there seems to be an upward trend in velvet curtains that are wrinkle-free and easy to match.

“The velvet material has been put through a synthetic treatment so that it does not easily collect dust.

“Some of the curtains also come with a sheer fabric that acts as additional shield against sunlight as well as for decorative purpose,” Low explained.

Curtains Place will also feature its first motorised system for curtains.