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Low Risk Investment


Most people find investing to be quite scary, especially if you don’t have enough money to backup at the end of each month. As we’re all know, all types of investments also have the risk. As such, the better way for you is to find out the way to cut down your risk while gaining reasonable profits. In order to make an investment safe, it’s best to go for the time-tested top dog where the return on investment is from moderate to high.

Type of the Low Risk Investment you may consider :

1. Bonds

Choosing the investment in bonds is much safer than investing in stocks. This is because stock investment doesn’t come with a guaranteed return on investment, whereas a bond is something like a loan and has a promised return on investment, plus interest. There is a distinction between guaranteed and promised. In fact, there isn’t an investment that’s guaranteed. With bonds, you know what you’ll be getting at the end of the day. Look for the investments in a company with proven record as it is less likely to go bankrupt.

2. Stocks

As mentioned above, there is sure have an element of risk when investing in all types of investments, but for stocks, the return on investment will be higher. Then, you can try to reduce  your risks with investing in more safer or defensive stocks. For example, you can investing in defensive stocks that are reliable and have proven record of their sustainability and profitability, gives some security that you wouldn’t get when investing in the newer and lesser known companies, which can wind up at any time.

3. Multi-family dwelling property

For the right or best time to invest in a multi-family dwelling property will be during a housing meltdown. Then you will find out many multi-family dwelling properties going at below market prices. A multi-family dwelling property is a more safer investment than a single-family one for the simple reason that it can house more tenants. Therefore, if one tenant chooses to vacate at the end of their agreement, you still have other tenants being housed in other units that are still giving you monthly income.

Finally, bonds are the safer form of investment, but the return is very lowest. However, you can still find some bonds in the market that offer the higher interest rates. Though stocks give you a higher return but you will faced with the higher risk and moreover, and the return isn’t guaranteed.


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