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Moving from a House to an Apartment: How to Downsize


For whatever reason, some house residents may have to give up or sell their huge landed homes and move to much smaller apartments. Situations like these may happen to couples whose children have all grown up and moved away, or maybe someone who needs to move to a new town for work. In more unfortunate circumstances, some people may have to sell their house because of financial difficulty.

In any case, moving to a smaller apartment from a big house can be a huge headache. Imagine furniture from a five bedroom, 2500 square feet house now has to fit into 900 square feet. Phew!

In order not to lose any sleep, here is a quick guide on how you can have a fuss-free downsizing experience:

Know your new place –Make sure you take measurements and determine how much space you actually have.

You can’t keep everything – Yes, that means you have to mentally prepare yourself to let go of certain belongings.

Make a treasured possessions list – List down what you really want to have in your new apartment. For some people, it’s their antique cupboard or collection of books.

Prioritize – Deciding what to keep and what to let go has to be guided by the principal of priorities. Basically answering the question “What’s more important to me”.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – For furniture and other bits and pieces you can’t keep, but are still in good condition, consider donating them to a charity. Alternatively, you can sell it on second hand online shops, including Durian Property’s own Second Hand Furniture page.

Add storage space to your new apartment – Wall cabinets can be piled up high to make more space so you can keep more personal effects and don’t have to throw them away.

Lead a simpler life – Clear away the clutter and do away with unwanted stuff. Remember that stack of old magazines in your store room? Out they go. What about that rusty exercise bike from the 1980s? Let that go too, and do you really need three food processors? Clean and clear up as you go.

Involve the entire family – Get you family involved and keep the stress down by laying some ground rules on what to pack, but give each member the freedom to choose things they want to bring to the new home.

Consult others –If you really can’t make up your mind whether you want to bring a certain piece of furniture, why not ask your friends for their opinion.

Be optimistic – Do your best not to think negatively about your move. Every new chapter in life in an exciting journey!