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Penang Chinese Chamber Says Willing To Build RM150,000 Affordable Houses


GEORGE TOWN, Nov 7 — The Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) says it is willing to build the proposed new category of affordable housing units if the state government gives sufficient incentives.

Datuk Finn Choong Khuat Seng, convenor of the chamber’s Property Development Construction and Management Committee (PDCMC), said the committee lauds the recent revision by the state government of the guidelines for affordable housing, particularly the introduction of the RM150,000 home category.

“PDCMC fully supports this new category of housing as this comes with the allowance to increase the density.

“This move serves to protect the interests of the lower income group as the existing allocation for housing of RM200,000 and below has now effectively increased,” he told reporters here Saturday.

He said both the state government and housing developers must at all times work closely hand in hand to meet the state’s housing needs and to enable the property industry to contribute to the state’s growth, he added.

Choong, who is also PCCC Vice President, said in order to be able to provide more low cost (LC) and low middle cost (LMC) units, the state government should increase the permitted development density for LMC units from the current 120 units/acre.

“We also urge the state government to reduce the time taken to approve eligible purchasers and to reduce the requirements for common facilities and car parks.

“The responsibility to ensure these units end up with the correct social group should fall on the state government,” he said.
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