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Pitfalls Of Property Flipping


There are certain pitfalls that you might want to be aware of although property flipping may sound easy.

Fickle Market

The property market is not certain and is constantly changing. There are many things that are bound to distrupt your process on the investment that you are working towards. Natural disasters, crimes or any triggering change in the neighbourhood will have impact on the property prices nearby.

Lack of Neighbourhood Knowledge

Getting to know your neighbourhood is extremely important before you are going to spend all that money on that one house that you are planning to flip. Make sure the property matches the reality of the neighbourhood and people are able to purchase the home you are creating.

Underestimating Your Own Limitations

Have achievable and sensible expectations before getting the property complete with the price. Keep in mind what are you able to contribute and what you will have to get experts to handle.

Underestimating Prices

You will need to have proper objectives with value of supplies, tools, labor and equipment. Don’t get cheated by dishonest contractors by quoting ridiculous amounts for any of the materials used.

Not Setting A Budget

Buying straight from the developer would not be a problem because those properties are good enough to flip. But it does not apply the same when you buy an older property and you might want to watch on your budget.

Buying Foreclose or Auctioned Property Will Take Time

When you buy foreclosed or auctioned properties, you are actually buying them from the bank. It will take up to 6 months to get a hold of that property. Necessary paperwork will have to be done until ownership is received.


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