Home Developer SP Setia Aims To Live Up To Its Setia 4U Tagline

SP Setia Aims To Live Up To Its Setia 4U Tagline

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY…SP Setia’s Divisional General Manager of Residence Development, Norhayati Subali explaining the concept behind the “Setia 4U” campaign to Bernama.Pic: Dayana Nabila Shaipul Anuar

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 19 (Bernama) — SP Setia Bhd with its latest campaign, “Setia 4U”, hopes to live up to its name as a loyal developer that delivers quality houses to purchasers.

“Setia 4U”, which means loyalty to you, is a message that the giant public-listed property developer is conveying to the those who buy or are considering to purchase its properties.

The “Setia 4U” campaign consists of four elements, “Setia Delivers”, “Setia Secures”, “Setia Creates” and “Setia Cares 4U”, with each segment highlighting different elements for its customers, said SP Setia Residences Development Divisional General Manager Norhayati Subali.

“Setia 4U is different from our previous 5/95 campaign that we had earlier.

“What we are doing right now is to create awareness of the total package that SP Setia is offering as a developer, rather than just focus on the financial package,” she said in an interview with Bernama.

As the property developer aims to rebrand itself as an end-to-end property developer, SP Setia Bhd is embarking on more promotional campaigns to champion that aspect this year.

The “Setia 4U” campaign was launched in December last year to create and reinforce public awareness for SP Setia’s services, products and qualities.

On the elements in the new campaign, she explained “Setia Delivers” highlighted the group as a responsible developer that provides services to houseowners right from the day they book their property until they take delivery of the keys.

She said SP Setia maintains very strict quality control over its properties, with external auditors monitoring the properties both during construction and after completion.

“Setia Secures” emphasised on security features of the home built by SP Setia,” she said.

“We always emphasise on security features in our house designs to give homeowners peace of mind when they live in our developments,” she added.

Meanwhile, “Setia Creates” stressed on SP Setia’s role as a responsible corporate citizen who provided extra privileges for loyal customers.

Norhayati said with its “Creates 4u element”, SP Setia not only organises activities but also creates communities for homeowners within its developments.

“Our role in the homebuyer’s life does not just end after we hand over the keys to them; we also organise community events and gatherings within each community to foster a sense of belonging,” she explained.

She also said the entire campaign was is about creating a total living environment where the community lives, learns, works and plays together.

Finally, “Setia Cares” is the developer’s loyalty scheme to reward devoted customers as well repeat customers, who are entitled to reward points which can be redeemed for products and services.

“Our loyalty programme is comprehensive with members being able to redeem attractive branded products and services useful to them,” she said.

Besides, she said SP Setia also had a referral system where houseowners can recommend their friends and family to purchase SP Setia properties, collect points and redeemed them for products and services.

Speaking on its “Setia4U” advertising campaign highlighted in the media recently, Norhayati said the advertisements not only provided information but also engaged readers to find out more about the campaign.

“Instead of doing a hard sell, what we have done is some fairly interactive puzzles in our advertisements to attract readers.

“We want to engage readers to solve teaser puzzles and upon completing them they can redeem gifts when they bring the solved puzzles to our offices nationwide,” she said, adding that 6,000 mystery gifts were redeemed.

“These are the things we are currently doing to improve ourselves, to deliver quality products as customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us,” she said.