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The Coolest Ways To Bring Velvet Home


Everything that’s old becomes new again. That age old axiom could not be more true when it comes to home decor. Some of the oldest trends in decor always find their way back into interiors, with a fresh twist to fit into current spaces. That’s exactly what’s happening with velvet. The traditional fabric is taking on new life in modern homes. Here are a few of our favorite spaces that show just how lovely velvet can be in today’s interiors.

Today, we’re ready to upholster everything in velvet. Even doors! These blue velvet doors are take-your-breath-away gorgeous, creating a stunning entrance into the dining room. Velvet doors could be one cool DIY project that you can complete in a weekend.

Velvet Sofa

The Coolest Ways To Bring Velvet Home - Apartment Therapy

Velvet sofas are everywhere! Just take a look at your favorite stores like Anthropologie, West Elm and Room & Board and you’ll find an abundance of velvet pieces. Look for velvet sofas in chic colorways that you can customize. Our favorite shades – blue, golden rod, and pastel pink.

Velvet Accent Chairs

The Coolest Ways To Bring Velvet Home - The New Design Project

Looking to bring a pop of color into a room? Velvet accent chairs are the perfect option. Look for pieces in cool colors that will punctuate your space.

Velvet Dining Chairs

The Coolest Ways To Bring Velvet Home - D Pages

Velvet can be a wonderful way to add texture to any space. In the dining room, this luxe fabric will offer ultimate comfort to your guests when entertaining. Here, blue velvet chairs add to the contemporary feel of this dining room, adding warmth to the space.

Velvet Bed

The Coolest Ways To Bring Velvet Home - Style At Home

In the bedroom, ultimate comfort is always top of mind. And what could be more comfortable to cuddle up in than a bed upholstered in rich velvet? This rose quartz headboard makes a statement in rich upholstery. The texture adds immediate warmth to this cozy bedroom.

Velvet Stools

The Coolest Ways To Bring Velvet Home - Brabbu

Look to bring velvet home in unexpected ways. A bar flanked by velvet stools should do the trick. The fabric adds instant luxury to the space. And in a deep, emerald green, it’s the perfect way to add a dose of color to a neutral space.

Velvet Pillows

The Coolest Ways To Bring Velvet Home - H&M

If you’re looking for a small dose of velvet, then cushions from H&M should be your first stop. They come in array of vivid shades, including turquoise, deep purple and shades of yellow. Get playful, adding an array of colors to your sofa for a rich and textured look featuring this versatile textile.

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