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Work Desk Ideas


One of the coolest way to beat Monday morning blues is to look forward to your amazing workspace.

If you are stuck with a dull workstation, it is very likely that it is going to take a toll on your efficiency and productivity levels. A well planned out work desk does not only give you a boost to your creativity side but it can also make you feel very much at home throughout your working hours.

Here are a few beautifully set up workstations that will definitely inspire you to redesign your own desk.

The industrial desk

Let’s begin with something simple and a doable idea with a fine layout made out of wood and some classic bits of furniture. The rendering of this design provides a very industrial look to the workplace. The table is stocked up with a minimalist touch, but the one that catches the eye is the classy downlight on top of the desk.

The organised desk

If the organisation is a top priority for you, this is just the right kind of desk for you. This is a great example of how small space can be used to make room for your daily necessities without creating a mess. The best part about this black and white arrangement is the perfect utilisation of the wall space to hang the mini-white board, post-it panel and file holders.

The cosy desk

The first word that comes to your mind when you look at this lovely desk is perhaps  ‘cosy’  and rightly so. This is a stunning design accomplished with a simple combination of grey and white colour scheme. There is a pleasant superimposition of white in this otherwise grey dominated area. The white table has a glossy texture which makes it an uncomplicated surface for rough work.

The vintage desk

If you are fond of vintage décor and design themes, this work desk will definitely make a lasting impression on you. The design scheme presents a wonderful chemistry of classic and rustic styles. The metallic table and other furnishings render a fine touch of panache without compromising on the comfort factor of the workspace.

The night desk

Ideal for the clan of night workaholics, the design pattern is neat and cosy which makes it a comfortable space to stretch while working for long hours. The wooden desk attached to the wall has a light suited to fit on your desktop and other necessary stationery items.

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