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You Can Payoff Your Mortgage Easily


How would you, as a homeowner, like to be mortgage free? With a money merge account, you can make that happen for yourself. A money merge account not only allows you to become mortgage free, it could save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments.

Money merge accounts are a way of subverting the filthy game of the mortgage. As long as you owe a bank even $1, you are not free. You don’t truly own your own home. You only own your own home when you owe the bank nothing at all. Banks do nothing to earn the exorbitant amount of money that they get from a mortgage that is not paid off. You will pay the bank outrageous amounts of money in interest, and all the while if you fail to keep paying on time they can come take your house away from you. Yet, with a money merge account, you can do away with this ugly situation.

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The money merge account require no refinancing of your existing mortgage. And, you will even be able to maintain your existing lifestyle. They will however accelerate you equity position, or it could even help you payoff your mortgage in a fraction of the time. As you build equity less of your money goes towards interest, and more of it goes towards reducing principal.

According to Christopher Cruise, a former mortgage broker who now works with people writing loans, “One hundred percent of the people in their 20s and 30s that I teach have no idea what a mortgage burning is. The mindset of owning a house free and clear is disappearing from the country. In fact, many have no expectation of this as possible. The results of a new AARP national study found that half of workers ages 55 or older thought that they would not have paid off their mortgage by the time they retired.” This situation is quite sad, it is deplorable. What previously was common place, may now be a reality again thanks to money merge accounts.

The money merge account system works by combining your checking and savings accounts with an advanced line of credit (ALOC), then helps to strategically and incrementally position your money where it provides much more financial benefit than just sitting around earning peanuts in they typical checking or savings account. In short, your money goes to work for you, and part of that work includes paying off a 30-year note in as little as 10 years in some situations. Computer software helps to better educate you and enable you to realize some of the greatest time and interest savings to be found.

It does need to be stated that the money merge account is not for everyone. You have to fill out a brief questionnaire to help determine if you qualify or not and it’s not the optimal solution for everyone. However, there are many, many people who can take advantage of this unique program and take a measure of control over their lives that they have never known before and otherwise never would.

The system used for the money merge account have been used by companies for quite some time, and it has been used in The United Kingdom and Australia for about 12 years. Now it is becoming more popular in the United States and Canada. Everyone who owns a home needs to see if the money merge account would be beneficial to them.


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